Thursday, July 18, 2013

We think we have a better life than others or we are trying to be more prosperous with what we earn day by day, but still we complain each other for the mistakes and faults that cause the loss of that satisfaction and comforts we earn even by a needle point.

Some forget their roots and try to claim themselves as rich like they have descended the land from heavens. They may be having six figure salaries that make them so proud or kings in their whole generation. But they have no true satisfaction other than something they have earned hard days and nights to foresee the future with filled wealth and reputation which dissolve one day.

The biggest difference between the rich and the poor is that. The poor is quite happier than the richest since they have nothing to lose or protect, but the simplicity in life with enough comforts and aspirations become their biggest strengths compared to those who work day and night spending less time for their beloved ones and care about own people.

Life becomes easy when there are less responsibilities to handle and less people to deal with. But a family should be the ultimate goal for everybody which must not only be tended with monetized comforts that may equip the four walls. Being rich makes people reach the limits that they have never thought before, while those limits being risen by the amount they earn. And that cycle cannot be discontinued if there is a hunger for notes and cents.

Therefore never blame for losing any comfort, never feel ashamed of having a bad history or roots with poverty. Always note to yourself that your character will be tarnished only when you forget your roots and try to live like a king forgetting the levels below you.

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