Sunday, April 3, 2011

Congratulations! Sri Lanka. Though you couldn't bring the World Cup back to your mother, you have become the greatest champions whose name is carved in golden lettering on the World Cup. It is quite difficult to be the champions and also the best losers. So we are the champions from those who have lost so far in this series. Because we know you guys have the biggest strength compared to any other. The only thing is that this day is not for us but for somebody else. We have lit the crackers to mark your victory for getting into the finals and for the victory you have achieved being the best competitors even this day. 'Cause we know that if it were held here you could have lifted the World Cup. Wish you all the very best for all the Lion Hearts who have been battling for the victory to the top most level.

We had a hope that you would bring the glory back to the country. But when it is not fulfilled it means not that we have lost that glorious moment from our hands. Competitions are everywhere. But the best part of them is to share either the victory or the defeat in a humble manner. We are not going to burn out our lions' dens. Because we are the only nation that practices the hospitality, non-violence and the kindness in the general sense since our birth. It is not a big shame to lose for a neighboring nation but it was an opportunity to show the world the talents of this shining pearl and our Lions.

Whatever you bring the country tomorrow, we don't care, as our hearts have not broken yet for just another defeat. Try until you win. Because all the good work can be done only by passing thorn-filled paths and the hard work. It means not that the winners have reached there effortlessly. Otherwise you shouldn't be in this finale being a competitive threat to the other.

Thank you very much for making our nation proud farther once again by giving away great memories in this glorious and historical battle. Games always teach us one great thing. Those who lose someday, will rise again with the victory held in their fists.

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